Advantages of Electric Vehicles

Charging an EV

Sherwood drivers looking for a new vehicle are increasingly looking into the advantages of electric vehicles. As modern mass-market electric vehicles are still quite fresh to the market, there are a wide range of misconceptions about why so many people suddenly swear by them. In this article we’ll go over some of the basic advantages of EVs, such as dramatically reduced maintenance, improved practicality and convenience, among other factors. If you have any further questions after reading this, be sure to contact us at Russell Chevrolet Company, so our experts can help you out!

Electric Vehicles


Gasoline Vehicles
100-300 miles*

Typical Range

250-300 miles

Average Lifetime Maintenance costs


Maintenance cost/mile

Up to $7,500

Federal Tax Credit


The Electric Vehicle Driving Experience

From the moment one presses the on button in an electric vehicle, the driving experience is dramatically different. Since electric vehicles are not powered by explosions in an engine block, they are virtually silent when driven at moderate speed, wafting along effortlessly. The other large difference is that electric motors do not need to open valves, move pistons, inject fuel, or have any other mechanical action before they deliver power. This means that the accelerator pedal feels far more direct, providing instantaneous power at any time, which is physically impossible for even high performance engines. Simply put, electric vehicles tend to feel like magic carpets when compared to internal combustion engine, or ICE, powered vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Maintenance and Long Term Ownership

There are pros and cons to owning an electric vehicle, especially as the technology continues to rapidly improve, but even now there are substantial benefits for most drivers who choose electric. The upfront cost of an electric vehicle tends to be higher, at least before tax credits, but the maintenance and energy costs are significantly lower. These lower lifetime costs are due to the overwhelming simplicity and efficiency of the electric motor, which effectively only has one moving part compared to an engine’s hundreds of rapidly reciprocating components. 

To get the most benefit out of an EV, one needs to have a fast charging station at home. These can be installed by any reputable electrician, and allow one to do virtually all the charging of a vehicle through its lifetime overnight and at home, further cutting lifetime costs of the vehicle. 

While the most expensive parts of a normal vehicle are the engine and transmission, the overwhelmingly most valuable part of an electric vehicle is the battery. As it happens, the lithium-ion batteries used by current EVs are lasting much longer than previously predicted, and appear to be well on track for lasting just as long as engines in standard vehicles around Jacksonville. When a battery no longer performs to 80% or so of its original capacity after well over a decade of daily use, it is now quite often recycled, as the internal elements and components are more prized than ever. 

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